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May 4, 2016

New Android UCI/XB engine: Rodin 8.0

Another nice finding for Android is Rodin 8.0 for which i own thanks to Hervé, a welcomed follower of the blog for notifying about it.

First of all, Herve must come by more frequently. He's got high potential to be a better fisherman  than me :-)

Regarding the engine, Rodin is under development since 2008. I don't know since when the author Fermin Serrano is intended to release Android compiles with it but there it is with v8.0.

The engine uses xboard protocol by default but the latest one works with uci as well. The first feedback by Hervé states the xb protocol hangs with Chess for Android. If so, uci may come to help although the same strength is not guaranteed yet.

One last thing to insist on xboard functionality might be to fine tune the cfg file provided in the package and install it in a second step after the engine, bearing in mind that some engines absolutely require auxiliary config files in the same folder.

Current CCRL rating of Rodin in 40/4 list is 2632. I would expect around 2570 for Rapidroid. To follow...

Download Rodin 8.0 for Android: HERE

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