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September 30, 2016

CEPA 0.4.4 is out

CEPA is and will remain interesting as long as it comes with bundled Stockfish builds. I hope it will present arm8 builds too in the future. For the moment, the new two versions 0.4.3 and 0.4.4 both come with the latest Stockfish builds based on the code of September 25th. As there were no significant update notes about 0.4.4, i assume it's made to complete the missing nopie builds of Stockfish.

An important note for Javiolo, the developer, is that arm5 (supposed to be arm5.pie) version didn't work on my 64bit Lollipop phone. It seems this one is not pie compatible and it has the exact checksum of the nopie version. Probably it's a packing error. But it doesn't matter at all, given that there should be no arm5 device running on Lollipop and beyond. In case you know such config is available somewhere, let me know.

Download and enjoy CEPA update HERE at Google Play.


Alex said...

I bought the full version, very nice app!

marc said...

is there a way to play engine tournaments?

Alex said...

So far only two engines can play each other, i didn't look further to see how it works, you can ask the developer for more information.

Unknown said...

As of today, only CfA plays tourneys. Hawk Chess too but i don't remember well. Even if so, Hawk is not simple and efficient like CfA.