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September 30, 2016

Chess 8.8.3 by Jeroen Carolus

There are several apps called Chess in Google Play and this "original" name is so frequently used that sometimes my mind is confused while trying to remember which "Chess" is from which developer.

Um, today is my lucky day and i remember that this one is written by Jeroen Carolus. It's quite an old app that i know since almost 3 years. But it's maintained and improved regularly by the author.

The main attractions of "Chess" is the UCI engine import feature, FICS online play and especially the Chess960 aka Fischer random chess compatibility.

Take a look and decide for yourself: HERE at Google Play. 


Anonymous said...

Where Is 'UCI engine import feature' ?

Anonymous said...

Flip Dont Work If You Moov To Another Page. It Sticks With The Same Side.