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June 12, 2017

New Android UCI engine: Demolito 1.0

If you know Doublecheck and Discocheck engines, you must be familiar with Lucas Braesch's contribution to chess engines development. Since the beginning of this year, he went on to write a new engine from scratch, taking small parts of Discocheck.

Although he'd written he wouldn't be interested in delivering executables in order to better concentrate on the code, some builds are already out for testing.

One of them is made by Lucas himself and it will only work with 64-bit devices. So, meet the son of Discocheck.

GET Demolito 1.0 for arm8

In case of trouble downloading from your PC, use your mobile device or refer to THIS POST.


Alexei Chernakoff said...

My compilation Brainfish-090617-
arm7.pgo. I was able to solve the
problem with connecting the
Cerebellum_Light.bin.Create the
[Brainfish] folder on the internal map,
put the book in it. Everything should
be like this: /sdcard/Brainfish/
Cerebellum_Light.bin.V. CFA install
the Brainfish engine and when the
games start up the book will turn on

Paulzzz said...

Thanks Alexei!I still need to accomplish the procedure you gave in CfA but I managed to run successfully your Brainfish with the ctg version of Cerebellum Light X in Droidfish GUI:)

Rahul said...

Hi Alexis! Counter 2.00 open source chess engine can you compile it for android. Thanks

Alex said...

Paulzzz. First create folder with name "Brainfish" on your sdcard, put "Cerebellum_Light.bin" in this folder. Next step, open Cfa, import Brainfish engine -> set hash, cores, syzygy (if you want). Opening book optIon is not available in the engine settings (Gray line), but the engine will load Cerebellum_Light.bin. Don't forget to unmark "Gui Book". When engine start you'll see short message from GUI, Book loaded: /sdcard/Brainfish/cerebellum_light.bin.