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June 4, 2017

Stockfish dev't 2017.05.26 OEX installer by Javiolo

Javiolo's update of the Stockfish OEX installer app with recent builds made from source code of May,26th.

WHAT'S NEW (28-May-2017):
new release Stockfish 8 20170526 Open Exchange protocol
old release Stockfish 8 20170510
this chess engine app need a chess board, see app description
Other Stockfish derivatives
for more engines see Chess Engines app
You can download Stockfish OEX installer PIE for modern devices from GOOGLE PLAY.

You can also install these builds manually from this ARCHIVE, in case you don't need OEX feature or you wish to keep backups available after a future update of this app.

In case of trouble downloading from your PC, use your mobile device or refer to THIS POST.


Anonymous said...

Stockfish_8.0.20170526.JV_uci.x86.pie works on my Intel-x86 tablet under droidfish and under Chess for Android, although about 2.5 times slower than asmfish, as expected. But I cannot run it from commandline (jackpal terminal, renamed as "sss") like asmfish , I get an error "No such file or directory" on ./sss , although the file is clearly there and has the same privileges shown with ls sss -h as asmfish

Anonymous said...

ahh, sorry, problem solved. I had confused the ".pie" and "_64" version,
only ".pie" works

Unknown said...

To understand better, why do you need to run it from the command line interface?