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August 20, 2017

New Android UCI engine: armFish 2017.08.XX

Androiders, especially the users of ARM cpu's must thank Lyudmil Antonov for making the mighty assembly port of Stockfish available for arm cpu's. Assembly builds must run the fastest possible by definition, even faster than Cfish.

It was indeed a hard task bearing in mind that even porting C++ code to Android requires a lot of knowledge about the software to be used to compile and also a good practice of several Windows and Android libraries.

Working with assembly code is even more difficult because of the primitive level of the language.  It's the least human environment for a programmer. The only reason to prefer the native assembly can be nothing but speed, which is the exact case of a chess engine. Congrats to LA for succeeding in this insane mission!

There are many builds LA released so far. You can find links to each of them below. The recent ones come with Syzygy tablebase support as well. Yummy!

The only bad news about armFish is that the builds are made for arm8 64-bit devices only.

GET armFish 2017.08.04.LA for arm8
GET armFish 2017.08.06.LA for arm8
GET armFish 2017.08.08.LA for arm8
GET armFish 2017.08.14.LA for arm8
GET armFish 2017.08.19.LA for arm8


Mark said...
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Mark said...

Please make an arm7 version.

Alex said...

Bad thing about armFish is that oftentimes engine hanging..

Mark said...

What do you mean?

Unknown said...

After 1 d4 Cf6 2 c4 c5 3 d5 e6 4 Cc3 exd5 5 cxd5 d6 6 Cf3 g6 7 Af4 a6 8 a4 Ag7 9 h3 0-0 10 e3 De7 11 Ae2 Cbd7 12 0-0 Ce8 13 a5 b5 armfish evaluates -0,50 but after 14 axb6 evaluation changes to +0,65
The evaluation of armfish it does not reliable.

Anonymous said...

New version available https://github.com/lantonov/asmFish/blob/executables/ARM/armFishL_2017-08-27_v8

Anonymous said...

New version available https://github.com/lantonov/asmFish/blob/executables/ARM/armFishL_2017-08-27_v8