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October 15, 2017

Android XB engine update: Scorpio 2.7.7.ACH

Alexei Chernakoff has compiled the updated source of Scorpio dated Aug,08th for Android. Although the first builds couldn't run multi thread, a second attempt healed the issue.

You can modify scorpio.ini before installation to alter the settings to your taste.

GET Scorpio 2.7.7.ACH for arm7 and arm8

In case of trouble downloading from your PC, use your mobile device or refer to THIS POST.


Anonymous said...

It does not work on my phone

Unknown said...

Without any info, we can only say "Oops you're not lucky". Please tell more about processor, os version, gui...

Anonymous said...

Phone is samsung galaxy s5 and os 6.0.1

Alexei Chernakoff said...

Try this. New version of scorpio-201017 (new sources from October 20). There is a new version of arm64v8, universal, for all processors (arm64v8-v2).


Unknown said...

Mr Anonymous please also note Scorpio is an xboard engine.