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June 6, 2014

C64 Revisited: Round-2 starts

After one day of rest, i feel like freaking again about C64 zombies and their moves. Now it's another 44 games after which all 22 programs will have played 8 games against 2 others.

I'm not a Swiss pairing specialist at all but i know it's better to keep close rivals together and to avoid top programs vs weak ones, the way we see in many round robin tournaments.

But why not play only one game and not four in a row? That's how i started altering the swiss method.

Therefore, i have no doubt the ranking will be readable as early as after two rounds. And 7 rounds will be very decisive.

My bet is always on Colossus 4.0 for the leadership. I think MyChess-II and Chessmaster-2100 will likely fight for second place.

But let's play and see if practice meets theory.


Unknown said...

Hi !
Is there new results in the C64 category ?
The round 6 seems very interresting ! :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Vincent, i've been too busy dealing with Jim Ablett's compile storm which destroyed Rapidroid. I'm just finishing a start over of it. Then i'll be able to come back to C64. It's always in the plan. Round 6 is played 50% currently.