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December 14, 2014

SSDF's rating list update of 11 Dec 2014

SSDF has just published an update to World's unique multiplatform computer rating list.

I noticed that popular topers like Stockfish 5, Komodo 8, Houdini, Gull are still missing but i repeat again what SSDF is doing since almost the birth of computer chess is an admirable work.

I simply disagree with harsh critics appearing in some forums and chatrooms.

To me, they deserve respect for maintaining a list which is:
> multiplatform, not only uci engines but mobiles, DOS progs and tabletop machines,
> based on 2h/40m tournament time controls, which largely overtakes bullet lists made with faster cpu's,
> using pondering by default thanks to connected computers, meaning closer to real life chess games.

Indeed it's very difficult to finance such big garage of PC's nowadays. Be it from commercial software developers in the past or not, they still survive and do the job for free still in these days when nobody is paying you for testing their programs.

Well enough said, here's SSDF Top-10:
1Komodo 7.0 MP x64 2GB Q6600 2,4 GHz329541-3647678%3073
2Komodo 5.1 MP x64 2GB Q6600 2,4 GHz325428-2679271%3099
3Deep Rybka 4 x64 2GB Q6600 2,4 GHz320924-23104873%3038
4Stockfish 3 MP x64 2GB Q6600 2,4 GHz320725-2395870%3060
5Deep Hiarcs 14 2GB Q6600 2,4 GHz320023-22102068%3071
6Deep Rybka 3 x64 2GB Q6600 2,4 GHz319422-21137175%3001
7Naum 4.2 MP x64 2GB Q6600 2,4 GHz314721-21108361%3071
8Naum 4 x64 2GB Q6600 2,4 GHz311921-20127666%3002
9Deep Junior Yokoh x64 2GB Q6600 2,4 GHz311930-3053055%3082
10Deep Junior 13.3 2GB x64 Q6600 2,4 GHz311323-2292654%3083

Full list can be downloaded at their page at: http://ssdf.bosjo.net/list.htm

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