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December 2, 2014

New Android engine: Deuterium

Ferdinand Mosca, the author of Deuterium chess engine, kindly included an Android version of his engine in the latest release numbered It's really fun to meet with another new engine on the battlefield.

Deuterium Android is a 32-bit compile like all others available. The interesting point is that this one is already verified to work without problem under Android Lollipop 5.0.

For those who plan to upgrade their devices and accordingly their Android versions, it must be known that Lollipop, the first 64 bit Android release incorporates deep changes, beyond the ramp up to 64 bits, various internal functional changes (ie. security policies) that would probably make existing 32 bit chess engine binaries fail to work.

At present i'm happy with my portable chess environment and i'm not really willing to go forward yet. I'd say precaution and patience first versus Lollipop.

Regarding Deuterium, it's rated about 2800 elo on popular rankings. It's not an MP engine. On our Android devices, it will use only one core as well. After first quick tests, i expect it to perform 2600-2650 on a Galaxy Note II 1.6Ghz.
180 second test shows 139Knps but it doesn't
look reliable as a benchmark as reported
nodes fluctuate from one depth to the next

Those who want to download it may visit the homepage: HERE
In case of access problem, a mirror copy is uploaded to my engine collection repository: HERE
The complete archive folder with many other engines is: HERE

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Ricard said...

Is a great engine, in the makruk version bilis 1.0 it was a good playing ,i think 2500 ELO in makruk, but it try to move the king to a safe place when is not necessary , start change of rooks driving to a draw in the makruk, or change the pawns when it has to keep the tension in the center, neither has the rule thai chess at the endings going to a draw with great advantage.