"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

December 14, 2014

Strongest Android chess engine, again please?

You've got a handy Android mobile and you wanna know which engine is the strongest of all?

I've been answering in an older post, stating Stockfish DD is the king. But two newer Stockfish versions have been released so far and Komodo 8 came by as an MP version to cause trouble too.

Still no Houdini, no Gull for Android in horizon yet. Critter 1.6 is too old to compete with updated fishes and newcomers like Firenzina, Black Mamba, Texel, Senpai are still behind.

Then there was one thing left to do for me. I decided to test SF5 vs Komodo 8 in a separate match but i wanted to push the latest Stockfish development version 121014 into the battlefield too. A threesome then...

This 121014 was exclusively bundled with Droidfish v1.55 and is not related to Stockfish official site.

The results were surprising for me in two ways:
1) In contrast with what's happening on Windows, Komodo can't resist against Stockfish on Android at least without tablebases,
2) SF5 overcomes SF121014, which is totally illogic but true. Maybe compiler matters, i donno.

The head-to-head matches were played at 15 sec/move on an Asus tablet with Intel Z3745 quad core cpu running at 1.86 Ghz. All three engines were based on their x86 compiles and not Arm v7, as usual for Intel.

To be fair on openings, i've used all 32 positions of TCEC-6 superfinal played twice by both sides, for a total of 64 games on each encounter.

Stockfish 121014 vs Komodo 8 v1.6:
34 - 27 (+22 -12 =30) gives 83 ELO gap
Stockfish 5 vs Komodo 8 v1.6:
39.5 - 24.5 (+24 -9 =30) gives 55 ELO gap
Stockfish 5 vs Stockfish 121014:
34 - 27 (+18 -8 =38) gives 55 ELO gap

Ok, 55 + 55 is not 83 but that's not the issue. The ranking is visible to the eye. The father fish beats its son, its son beats K8 and the father beats K8. Logical enuff.

In Rapidroid event that i'm conducting with same conditions on Exynos 4412 cpu, the gap between SF5 and K8 is currently 56 ELO with Bayes and 62 with Elostat.

Not still fully convinced, i've filtered SF5 vs K8 games from Rapidroid and i've seen +13 -4 =13 which makes 107 ELO. Similar superiority.

It's clear now. Stockfish 5 is still the strongest engine available for Android. Uh, dot, finito, done, gone...


Johannes said...

There is a new one now stockfish 6

Unknown said...

Yes. Indeed, SF6 is probably the strongest now on Android. It plays now on my RAPIDROID RELOADED experiment. I'll soon release the first list of 24 games x 77 engines or more.
One thing more, after the post above, i've published other post about futher matches showing 121014 dev version stronger than SF5. Therefore this post is outdated today.

Johannes said...

What do you think of comodo 8 vs sf 6 on android?

Anonymous said...

What do you think of komodo 8 vs sf 6

Unknown said...

On Android, SF 121014 was already stronger than Komodo 8. SF6 should be even stronger in same conditions. What could matter is the compiler effect but i don't think the original SF6 conpile suffers from such problem.
Today we have 3 SF6 builds. Original, JA and Droidfish versions. I plan to organise a long closed tourney between these.
On another channel, SF6 original is playing in RAPIDROID already. First results next week.

Johannes said...

That would be interesting.

froido said...

i cant see trough the results. Are this nummers correct?

Unknown said...

This topic is quite outdated. I suggest you revert to latest ones. Chesstroid is updated almost regularly. And Rapidroid ranking is released every month. Best wishes.