"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

July 20, 2015

Android XB engine update: ExChess 7.71 beta JA

I had always experienced issues with previous compiles of ExChess. In fact it's a great engine developed by Dan Homan and it took part in TCEC events but it was unlucky under Android.

I hope with this brand new version compiled by Jim Ablett, a new engine can be introduced and show up in Rapidroid.

According to CCRL ranking, the PC version of ExChess running on 4 cores and 64-bit reaches 2880 ELO. Bearing in mind the gap from a PC down to Android increases when XB is used, my humble guess for ExChess can't be higher than 2600. Tests will tell the truth in any case unless the compile causes compatibility problems.

Please remember that JA wants all 3 files (engine, book, search.par) installed in the same folder in your device to get it running.

Download ExChess: HERE


Unknown said...

"Unlucky under Android" is an understatement. I ran it versus the other 9 engines in my 2nd tier (Crafty 25 at 2741 to Senpai 1.0 at 3024) and it got completely slapped around, scoring only 2/90. Replacing it in that 2nd tier with Bobcat 6.4b.

Unknown said...

Hi Archie, did you try 7.88? On Galaxy Note 2 it runs 4 threads without problems and is way stronger than Crafty, slightly weaker than Senpai. Just take a look at Rapidroid ranking. ExChess is the one of the best xb engines with Scorpio.