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July 11, 2015

StocKomodoS: 6 x Stockfish against 5 x Komodo // THE END

After 20 rounds of 110 games, i've finally concluded it's been enough to clarify the verdict. Stockomodos, the temporarary parallel experiment, showed that Stockfish remains superior to Komodo in Android environment when it comes to face various versions of the two top engines. This statement didn't change from the beginning until the end. Stockfish 6 led the ranking in all the rounds.
Good, but in any case, head-to-head competitions are just limited experiments. They are not representative enough to simulate the real world. I could easily claim the fish proved its dominance but it would be too speculative, given that Komodo is ranked extremely close to Stockfish in Rapidroid after 150+ games played vs various other engines..

Anyway, engines are meant to play with any engine, not just their closest rival.

StocKomodoS test conditions were:
* Device: Novatab tablet with Rockchip 3188 CPU downclocked from 1.4 to 1.0 Ghz for throttling safety.
* Time controls: 900"+2"
* Ponder & tablebases off
* First 20 openings from TCEC-6.

Final standings (click to enlarge):
2400 games in PGN format compressed to 7z (2.78MB): HERE

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