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August 29, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Stockfish dev't 2016.08.19

Sorry, i was not quick enough to share these beautiful fishes. Below builds are taken from CEPA 0.4.0 and they are probably the strongest Android engines ever. Just try for yourself.

All builds are 32-bit but they should run in 64-bit devices. Try pie with Android Lollipop and up. In case pie doesn't work, revert to nopie.

GET Stockfish 2016.08.19 for arm5 nopie
GET Stockfish 2016.08.19 for arm5 pie
GET Stockfish 2016.08.19 for arm7 nopie
GET Stockfish 2016.08.19 for arm7 pie
GET Stockfish 2016.08.19 for x86 nopie
GET Stockfish 2016.08.19 for x86 pie


Anonymous said...


Alex said...

Update for DroidFish, new ST 2016-08-28..

Unknown said...

Gurcan quick questions. What is the EXACT difference between pie and nopie? Okay I understand arm5 for old devices arm7 for new, but again my tablet support both versions, which one is better?

Unknown said...

If your device can run both, choose pie. Meanwhile, performance should be exactly the same. I say pie because that's the version that Android prefers in terms of memory management.