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August 30, 2016

Droidfish 1.62 ft Stockfish dev't 2016.08.28

Thanks to Peter Ă–sterlund for updating his nice GUI which always remains unique even for an engine-to-engine tournament freak like me.

Why? Because it allows negative clocks without flagging, shortlty said, it allows comfortable manual games between engines and i can even take a coffee break between moves, when necessary.

Without doubt, above fantasy applies to the times i don't have a job to take 12 hours minimum a day and without too much matters in the family. It makes almost one year that i can't spend time for manual games.   

In manual games, unfortunately Chess for Android does not allow me to pause the clock for such experiments and i'm not fast enough to enter moves in milliseconds. Sad!

Coming back to the last Droidfish 1.62 version, the changes are:
* Fixed engine communication error in Android N,
* Updated Stockfish engine to 2016-08-28 development version.

For most of us, it's only the Stockfish development version which makes the update remarkable given that Android Nougat has not yet spreaded much.

You can install the new Droidfish from GOOGLE PLAY.

As an alternative and also in order to archive a copy in a different location, you can download the apk directly from my repository: HERE.


Jerry Green said...

I have been trying run AsmFish chess engine on 32 bit Android x86 tablet and is working with amazing performance.
Details are here: https://jerrygreenblog.wordpress.com/2016/09/02/android-x86-asmfish-chess-engine/

Unknown said...

Thanks and wow for higher nps! Isn't there an asmFish for arm?

Unknown said...

I compiled a newer version of DroidFish which is using stockfish 2016-09-17:

Unknown said...

Thanks Peter. Highly appreciated.