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December 4, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Cfish 2016.12.03.AP

If you still don't know what Cfish stands for, here's the simplest answer: Stockfish is written in C++ while Cfish is the same engine written in C, by Ronald de Man, the programmer of the famous Syzygy tablebases.

C is older, less user friendly for the programmer but more native, closer to the the machine. That's why converting the original Stockfish code to C code can help the compiled engine work way faster.

Cfish is expected to be 10-15 ELO higher than official Stockfish. You can measure the gap yourself or you can believe me as an easier alternative.

GET Cfish 2016.12.03 for 32-bit arm7 nopie
GET Cfish 2016.12.03 for 32-bit arm7 pie
GET Cfish 2016.12.03 for 64-bit arm8

In case of trouble downloading from box, refer to THIS POST.

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