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December 4, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Stockfish dev't 2016.12.03.AP

If Stockfish 8.0 is not mercyless enough, please welcome a recent development version ported to Android by Aprijal Pasaribu.

Prior to uploading, i've tested the arm8 build on MTK6752 octa core cpu: 2140 knps in 60 seconds is not a record compared to previous AP builds but it proves at least the compile is healthy. So, it should be the closest engine to perfect chess at present.

I hear you mentioning Cfish?

Ok, ok... In fact Cfish is Stockfish too. It's in the queue thanks to Aprijal.

GET Stockfish dev't 2016.12.03 for 32-bit arm7 nopie
GET Stockfish dev't 2016.12.03 for 32-bit arm7 pie
GET Stockfish dev't 2016.12.03 for 64-bit arm8

In case of trouble downloading from box, refer to THIS POST.


Christoph Heilmann said...

I get now more than 30.000 knps with Stockfish see goo.gl/W24aCk.

Unknown said...

A nice figure indeed. It would be better if the hardware was mentioned because i guess there's a hidden trick we don't percieve here.

Christoph Heilmann said...

It is a network engine running on a remote server with 2x Xeon E5-2630 v4.

Unknown said...

Ha ha! Nice one. Why didn't you wait for April 1st?

Christoph Heilmann said...

I rent the server from Contabo with 256Gb ram and followed the instructions from Jerry Green. Explain the joke please.