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December 3, 2016

Mobialia Chess Free 5.3.2

The last version 5.3 of Mobilia integretes many improvements. It's one of the most popular chess apps. I wish we could have Caraballo chess engine used by Mobilia, as a standalone UCI binary but there's very little probability for this to happen.

Database is out of beta:
- Removed the 100 game limit in the database results
- Fabio Baiocco updated the italian localization
- The strings in the settings and the menus are now uncapitalized
- Design changes in the sidebar
- Removed the player name length limit in the board
- The 3d theme is now separated from the 2d theme
- Problems were starting in the number #2, not in the #1
- Design changes in the web app at http://chess.mobialia.com to match the android app

Download latest Mobilia Chess Free from GOOGLE PLAY.

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