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May 7, 2017

Android UCI engine update: Cheese 1.9

Patrice Duhamel updated Cheese to v1.9. Its previous version is rated 2602 ELO in last Rapidroid ranking. I hope 1.9 will add at least what the author measured on Windows:

CPU: i5-2500 K
Versions: 64 bit
TC: 10" + 100 ms
Hash: 128 MB
Openings: Adam-Hair-8moves-100133.pgn

Rnk Name       Elo + - games sco drw
1   Cheese 1.9  26 4 3 10000 58% 41%
2   Cheese 1.8 -26 3 4 10000 42% 41%

Remember that the Xboard protocol is recognized too by Cheese although it's not mentioned in the filenames. I never tested Cheese with Xboard yet, since UCI works pretty well.

This time there's a 64-bit build included too. Bon appetit!

Version 1.9 - May 6th 2017
* fix possible crash : not initialized variable for castling
* fix rare crash in very long games
* reduce pawn hashtable structure size
* change main hash table structure
* remove early queen move penality
* remove lost castling penality
* more reduction in LMR based on move count and depth
* null moves pruning reduction based on depth
* use config.ini for default values in UCI mode
* add logfile option
* rewrite move ordering and generation
* reorganize search code
* release armv8 version

GET Cheese 1.9

You can also visit CHEESE HOMEPAGE for more info.


Rahul said...

Hi Gurcan, Is spike and strelka chess engine available for android.

Unknown said...

Spike is not available. Strelka v5 yes. It plays in Rapidroid since a long time.