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May 27, 2017

New Android UCI/XB engine: Marvin 2.0.0.ACH (fixed)

Marvin is a UCI and CECP (Chess Engine Communication Protocol aka Xboard) compatible chess engine by Martin Danielsson, written in C.

Marvin was originally developed in the early 2000s until 2005, released in May 2004 and January 2005 as closed source engine.

After ten years "out of business", Martin Danielsson restarted the development in 2015. The completely rewritten Marvin 2.0.0 was released as open source engine under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL3) in March 2017.

Thanks to Alexei Chernakoff for bringing yet another new engine to Android. I've installed and loaded it into my MTK-6752 arm8 device without problem but didn't yet play any game. I hope it will run well with Chess for Android. Marvin is expected to hit 2400+ ELO in Rapidroid.

GET Marvin 2.0.0 for arm7

...Or you'd better prefer THIS fixed build due to very low perfo of the first one.

In case of trouble downloading from your PC, use your mobile device or refer to THIS POST.


Unknown said...

Quick tests on MTK6752 64bit cpu: xboard doesn't work, only uci. Meanwhile the results obtained with 120+1 games are shocking. The engine can't deliver what's expected. Around 1500 ELO instead of 2400. I'll wait for a sanity check by Alexei. I assume it's not because of the cpu because my mtk had not dislike several other arm7 pgo builds.

Alexei Chernakoff said...

I'll see what's up.

Alexei Chernakoff said...

Fix uci version marvin:

Unknown said...

Looks way better now. Currently testing vs GreKo 2015 at 120+1. So far not terrific. Started 1 to 3 after 4 games. I guess 2300-2400 ELO.