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May 5, 2017

Android UCI/XB engine update: DanaSah 6.50

This is an update i'd skipped at first according to Pedro Casto's request to rating list maintainers about not using v6.5 in updated lists. I'd thought that is was somehow related to experimental features implemented, not really targeting an ELO increase but more functionalities, mainly the limit ELO strength.

Now that it's been waiting long enough, i won't keep myself from sharing the last version :-)

GET Danasah 6.5 for arm7

I'm not sure whether below accessories bundled with v6.1 are still supported by v6.5. Check and see:

* You may download both sub versions and the optional xb config file: HERE

* One last thing to notify is the book format which switched to polyglot (.bin). You may download the new DanaSah book HERE and copy it in a preferred folder on your device. The full path to the book must be set in engine configuration box of Chess for Android or via engine settings screen of Droidfish in case it's your GUI.

In case of trouble downloading from your PC, use your mobile device or refer to THIS POST


Paulzzz said...

Hi Gurcan!Is the polyglot book here the same as previous one (Danasah 6.1. Book)?

Unknown said...

I didn't check this but it should be the same as i don't remember about a notification of book update. You check and inform us. I don't use engine books myself.

Unknown said...

The link i've shared comes from 6.1, so normally it should work with the new engine too.

essay best said...

Have you checked it? Is it the same version for download or is a new version? The link is not opening at my end, I think some problem in the download link. Please share again.

Paulzzz said...

Hi Gurcan,I've checked it and it's still the same book.Both the engine and book works well in Droidfish.