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November 27, 2017

Android UCI engine update: Cfish 2017.11.15.ACH

The Cfishes of November started with some headaches, related to weak first "out of book" moves, played instantly by the builds. The bug appeared not only with all GUIs, mainly Chess Tournament was impacted.

Ronald de Man has later corrected the code and things have become normal. Enjoy and thank Alexei Chernakoff for compiling!

GET Cfish 2017.11.15.ACH for arm7 and arm8

Previous buggy versions of November:
GET Cfish 2017.11.05.ACH for arm7 and arm8
GET Cfish 2017.11.03.ACH for arm7 and arm8

In case of trouble dowloading from PC, use your mobile or refer to THIS POST.


Unknown said...

Thank you Gurcan and Alexei for compiling. I was able to bipass the bug but it was more of a bandaid. Thank you for correcting this. Best.

Unknown said...

Thank you for update Gurcan and Alexei! As far as using Cfish 2017-11-05 with Droidfish yeah no problems at all

Anonymous said...

I was try to used cfish2017.11.03.ACH arm8 thats no problem in my android. Its play style like kasparov.