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February 25, 2018

Android UCI engine update: Arasan 20.4.1.APE

These are the builds taken from Beta 16.8 of Acid APE Chess GUI.

GET Arasan 20.4.1APE for arm7, arm8, x86 32 and 64 bits

In case of trouble downloading from PC, use your mobile or refer to THIS POST.

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Avery's brag book said...

Hey, is this blog being updated ?

It would be great if you could update a couple engines at least, like cheese 2.2 and another I can't remember rn.

I'm looking for chess engines that can play human skill level at Chess 1000 Elo to 1800 Elo. I find cheese 2.2 and CT800 v1.43 can limit Elo to these ranges. One of them sacrifices a piece every moment it's possible at 1000 Elo but that's okay because it's pretty reasonable at 1300 Elo. Don't bring me down - Electric Light Orchestra