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November 14, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Stockfish 8 SE AP

Stockfish SE is a special edition of the engine forked by Michael Byrne. It incorporating some additions to the standard code. I've seen tests around stating that SSE can achieve higher ELO vs official Stockfish in longer time controls. This remains to be verified.

The description of the engine by Micheal says: "A fork of the Official Stockfish, has some features and functions that are not part of the official Stockfish source. Many of these changes were derived from the Stockfish team from pulled requests which were not committed, but which were interesting to me and subsequently incorporated in this unofficial fork of Stockfish.

As one can note above, none of these changes appear to be detrimental to Stockfish playing strength. New in this update , the "study" option from SF Matefinder by Joesph Ellis was added - based on some of the posts here, many of you should enjoy this option. So when one is looking at a position you can quickly get a second opinion without reloading an engine, just check the uci menu box for "study" and you are on your way. Also added the "Clean Search" uci option from Ellis' Matefinder. The "fast play" when mate is found is now a uci option, by default it is turned on. If you want SF 8 SE to keep searching for a shorter mate, check the uci "fast play" menu box off.

And naturally, this has the other features from previous forks, including Multi-PV when using TB's (submitted by Ronald de Man), the uci menu option "throttle" to simulate a slow pc from the 90's, select elo engine strength from the uci menu, which utilizes the 40 different skill levels ( official SF has 20 skill levels) and the fast play when mate is found mentioned above.

One can check out the "study" option from the command line "setoption name Study value true" and then type bench - the bench nodes will be significantly higher. On any position , this will provide a different perspective and, sometimes, a very interesting "second opinion" - very nice work by Joseph Ellis.

GET Stockfish 8 SEE package including all available builds.

Thanks go to Aprijal Pasaribu for compiling them all. 

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