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November 13, 2016

Mobialia 5.3

Mobialia is a standalone chess app for Android and it uses Alonso Ruibal's Carballo chess engine. Carballo is not among the top engines as you can see in CCRL rankings but its latest versions came way stronger than before. 
On the other hand, the best part of Mobialia for me are the nice graphics, especially the 3D presentation of the chess board. The app is free without limitations but there's also a paid one without ads.

After a quite long silence, now we have the 5.3 version with below mentioned improvements.

* New database feature allowing to search for games or positions
* New sidebar in the main screen including the database section
* New option "Search Position in DB" in the board screens
* Fix a bug picking a piece that is going to be captured
* Many optimizations in the 3D library
* Some improvements in the PGN parser
* Fix some layouts for small screens
* Updated the chess engine to Carballo 1.7

Download Mobialia from GOOGLE PLAY.

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