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November 18, 2016

Download problems with Box: Boxed Bugs for Bucks?

Yes indeed, i've just seen the same download problem on my on PC. Cliclking on the Download button does nothing at all!

Some web topics say it's because of bandwidth limit exceeded, some others are not even seriously answered by the help desk.

Finally i've tried below alternative method with success in Chrome Browser:
1) Copy the link
2) Open an new incognito tab (A regular tab may not work!)
3) Paste the link
4) Manually change "app.box.com...." address to "m.app.box.com...."

The trick is to simulate a mobile browser. As some blog visitors had reported they've got the same problem on PC but not on their smartphones, there should be something related to the O/S. Why it works on Android and not on Windows remains a mystery. I'm boxed...


Alex said...

Hi Gurcan, can you explain to me how you managed to run Firenzina, with the thread option available?
I am very confused with all this stuff :(

Unknown said...

Just read the post about Firenzina 2.4.1. The process is the same with 2.4.3. You need fire.cfg.

Unknown said...

Well Gurcan, i've opened the fire.cfg with the notepad, and i changed treads settings as follows
// System
Verbose_UCI 0
Write_Log 0
Hash 128
Pawn_Hash 32
Max_Threads 4 <-
Min_Threads 4 <-
MultiPV 1

But i'm still not able to set the engine on 4 cores, from the C4a engine menu.
It must be so?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

That's normal. There will be no option available in CfA menu. Leave it as it is. Try min1 max1 and check nps. Repeat the same with min4 max4. There must be a higher nps.

Unknown said...

Well Gurcan, you're right, min1 max4 didn't work for me, but min4 max4 changed everything.
On my smartphone (don't expect much), at depth 20 Firenzina 2.4.3 gives 763 KNs, Cfish 8 depth 20 517 KNs it's a "nice" difference!
Of course in the game Cfish 8 doesn't leave any chances to Firenzina.
Thanks for the tip :)

Alex said...

Gurcan, regarding cfg file, did you change the name from [] Firenzina 2.4.1 xTreme default fire.cfg to [] Firenzina 2.4.3 xTreme default fire.cfg??
I did, with no effect for engine :(
I also renamed the original name to Firenzina_2.4.3_uci.arm7 ,i don't know something is wrong,i mean my smartphone shows higher KN's than my Tablet,
It has always been the other way around...

Unknown said...

No. Same file works for both engines at the same time. There's no link with the name of the engine binary. The first time you import the engine, it directly reads the fire.cfg and notifies "fire.cfg found", followed by "uci options disabled" (only 2.4.3). This comes even before the uci options dialog. 2.4.1 reports only the first.

Unknown said...

How can I use cerebellum book on my phone??...explain better please

Unknown said...

Letast verson kon shi h