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January 11, 2018

Android UCI engine update: Brainfish 2017.12.12.ACH

The engine:
GET Brainfish 2017.12.12.ACH for arm7 and arm8

Cerebellum book at Chesstroid repository:
GET Cerebellum Light 2017.11.01 (45 MB compressed)

How to setup Cerebellum book:
"To use the book Cerebellum_Light_Poly.bin (download the latest version of this book from the official site in polyglot format), create a book folder in the phone's memory and put a book in it. The path should look like this: /sdcard/book/Cerebellum_Light_Poly.bin, when the engine starts the book connects automatically."

In case of trouble downloading from PC, use your mobile or refer to THIS POST.

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