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January 17, 2018

Android UCI engine update: Pedone 1.7

Please report about your experience on your devices with this new version of Pedone. I was unlucky with 1.6 because arm7 build had worked on arm8 but not arm7 devices i have. I hope this time there's no more compatibility issues.

Pedone is a UCI compliant chess engine by Fabio Gobbato from Italy written in C. The download from its site includes Windows 32/64-bit, Linux 32/64-bit and Android executables.

During its early development stages, Pedone had its over the board tournament debut at the IGT 2013 with 1½/4. It progressed rapidly, and already won the IGT 2014 with 6/7, and the IGT 2015 with 7/6!

Pedone has a compact quad-bitboard board representation, suited for a copy-make approach and further applies magic bitboards for sliding piece attacks and move generation. Its search is PVS with transposition table, IID and quiescence search inside an iterative deepening framework. The evaluation function was tuned with a similar approach to the Texel's Tuning Method until version 1.0.

Some evaluation bonuses of versions 1.3 and 1.4 were tuned with TD Learning. Since 1.0, released in December 2014, Pedone performs a parallel search using multiple threads, with 1.4 in April 2016, dubbed Lazy SMP.

GET Pedone 1.7 for arm7 and arm8

In case of trouble downloading from PC, use your mobile or refer to THIS POST.


Paulzzz said...

Pedone is a strong engine as I ranged it against Chess Genius and won all the time.Regarding Texel 1.08 latest release,I managed to make the arm7 pie version work on my Android Marshmallow by applying the "critter tweak"method and runs smoothly in DroidFish.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately the same problem occurs with 1.7 too for me. Arm7 build exits from CfA agter i choose UCI. I guess there's a compiler issue here. Maybe it needs static libraries or the API level is set too high. The same build runs okay with MTK6752 and Android 5. It's unusual to see problems with Exynos 4412 cpu. I really wonder who can run Pedone arm7 with 32bit cpu and Android JB or Kitkat.

Alex said...

Gurcan, try this two versions of armFish and mateFish, i made them from last updates by Lantonov https://github.com/lantonov/asmFish and tthsqe12 https://github.com/tthsqe12/asm/ , some people saying that, they are identical, i couldn't test them because i don't have my 64 bit Tablet at the moment.

Alex said...

P.S. armFish that you posted here http://chesstroid.blogspot.gr/2018/01/android-uci-engine-update-armfish_17.html may not working properly, because i accidentally stopped compilation before it completed (it was my first time, sorry about that) :)

Anonymous said...

Hi sir Alex, may I know if you have compiled the latest Brainfish for arm7?

chysiddh14 said...

it works fine on my 64 bit exynos naugat
thanks for this update

Unknown said...

Anyone with 32-bit cpu and 32-bit Android capable of running Pedone arm7? Please notify me with the hardware and software details you can provide, preferably taken from cpu-z application.
I still think there's an issue with arm7 build.

Rahul said...

In my android7(Naugat)32-bit pedone is running great with high knps728.

Unknown said...

Rahul what is your processor? If it's an 32 bit, that means the problem is related to Android version. Up to now this build didn't work with Androids up to Kitkat. It seems Lollipop is the minimum to get it running.

Alexei Chernakoff said...

At me on android 6.0 marshmallow (mediatek 6735) arm7 and armv8 work.

Alexei Chernakoff said...

It apparently compiled arm7 and armv8 on the compiler and did not configure the API level for the arm7 version (for armv8 it => 21). If this level is left at the level of 21 and higher when compiling the arm7 version, then kit-kat will not support it (as and some other versions).
I somehow did this by ignorance, arm7 version worked on versions no lower than 6.0 (marshmallow, API 23). Then I changed the special header file in the compiler and made the lower bound API = 16 (android 4.1+) then it started working on all versions.