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February 25, 2018

Chess Engines Collection 1.2 by APE Studios

Another engine collection by APE Studios brings yummy updates. The builds are OEX compatible, so they will be automatically recognized by all compatible GUIs, like CfA and Droidfish.

WHAT'S NEW (10-Feb-2018):
- Senpai updated to version 2.0.
- Stockfish updated to version 9.
- New engine: asmFish (an assembler port of Stockfish, available for ARM64 and x86-64).
- New engine: Rodent III.

The app is available for download at GOOGLE PLAY.


Unknown said...

Not recognized by chessbase

Unknown said...

Also if you have a position (FEN) you cannot past it into chessbase. But It has one feature that I dont see anywhere else - one touch move. Its helps a lot.

chysiddh14 said...
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