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May 31, 2014

Android UCI engine update: Texel 1.04

Texel 1.04 is released by Peter Ă–sterlund.

Peter announced an improvement of ~70 ELO over previous version 1.03.

As i'm more for Android than Windows about chess engines, i quickly downloaded the package here and started a bullet head to head between v1.03 and v1.04 using 1 second/move time control under Chess for Android GUI, as usual.

After a set of 100 games played with both sides of 50 typical openings of Chessbase Silver Opening Suite, i've found out the claimed improvement is similar on Android. Good.

So, Texel 1.04 beats Texel 1.03 by 61.5 - 38.5.

Therefore, the ELO improvement is calculated as +81 POINTS which looks highly remarkable, beyond one would expect from version numbers.

I've decided now to include the new version in my Blitzoid rating list. By definition, it will have to play exactly the same opponents as its predecessor from the beginning while other 89 engines stand by.

The only little disappointment i have with Texel is that multi-processing is still not available. Quad core cpu's like in my Galaxy Note II will only deliver 1/4 to 1/3 of their full performance unfortunately.

Texel 1.03 Android version on Galaxy Note II 1.6Ghz plays at 2556 ELO. It's the #8 engine among best versions only rating list.

With 81 points gained, we may expect Texel 1.04 to overtake Gaviota and become #7 as follows:
1) Stockfish DD 2970
2) Critter 1.6a 2848
3) Black Mamba 2.0 2789
4) Robbolito 0.085e4l 2717
5) Komodo 2.03 2691
6) Senpai 1.0 2661
7) TEXEL 1.04 2637 ???
8) Gaviota 1.0 2564

A multi core version? I think it would reach 2800.

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