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May 6, 2014

Rapidroid project: Android, DOS, WinMo engines and more

Long after my Blitzoid project started to get stabilized a little bit, i've recently went into a retro project combining all known Commodore64 chess programs.

Looks like two parallel projects are not enough for a mind addicted to chess and statistics at the same time.

Curiosity kills the cat but i'm not a cat and i can't stop myself from getting involved in a third parallel project in which many platforms will meet each other.

Even though the speed of blitz chess is attracting, longer time controls troll me all the time. Now i feel like being able to deal with a larger palette.

Therefore, the Rapidroid chess rating project can be launched with much harder testing conditions:
* Rapid chess time controls: New FIDE implementation of 15'+10" is the preference with alternatives like G30, 60/30 and 1/30 consecutively.
* Multi platform, covers all UCI/XB Android engines, all eligible standalone Android chess programs, iPod programs, oldies from DOS, C64, Amiga as well as tabletop chess computers. In short, any chess playing system other than Windows UCI/XB engines is in the scope.
* Own opening books allowed or external book support up to opponent's book move limit,
* Still no tablebases,
* No pondering (please, no).

Playing and recording games in this kind of project is often slow, too manual and time consuming. Therefore impossible to record hundreds of games per day. Naturally, wider range of applications and longer time controls require a pay-off one way or another. In my case, this means reduced accuracy due to less sample collection.

But not everything is simple and easy in life. Isn't it?

Now waiting for submission of the first results. Soon...

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