"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

May 31, 2014

TCEC Season-6 salutes the new champ Stockfish

The world's least sleep-friendly computer chess tournament TCEC ended yesterday with clearly deserved and expected victory of Stockfish vs last year's champion Komodo.

The superfinal took 64 games to play of which 13 was won by Stockfish and 6 by Komodo. Remaining 45 games were drawn.

The final result of 35.5 - 28.5 in favor of the new king corresponds to 38 elo strength gap over Komodo.

What we've come to witness in computer chess world now after TCEC Season-6 is out-of-the-standard and indeed a deep discussion area bearing in mind what has happened is against the basic professional vs amateur rule.

One would not expect that a totally free, open source engine crushes all other commercial programs like Komodo, Houdini and many others which are after all, "professional programs" designed and maintained since much longer time by pro people.

This is not seen is area like 3D design, engineering, video editing, graphics etc where no free program can compete with professional apps.

Thus, it's a new era and a difficult one for commercial chess programs but good news is that all chess freaks can enjoy being tortured by a 3200+ ELO chess player in front which asks no money but only your poor king.

Congratulations to Stockfish team and hundreds of people around the world who contributed to the evolution of the engine with lots of improvement ideas and testing support.

It's simply an unbelievable free development story.

Check and mate...

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