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May 6, 2014

TCEC Stage-3: Great outplay by Stockfish!

Stockfish seems pushing hard on the way to TCEC superfinal after winning Stage-3, three full points ahead of Komodo and Houdini of which one is very likely to be the other super finalist.

For those who want to see at what level each engine played during this stage (at least myself), i've calculated the elo performances as well, show below.

Therefore, latest Stockfish version which played in this stage reached 3268, based on these 28 games. Wow!

The dangerous followers, Komodo and Houdini are slightly behind the fish. They had never been that close to each other. It's impossible to guess which will perform better from now on.

The 4th qualified one is no more developed Critter. It has luckyly and surprisingly overcome Fire and Gull at the last moment and got to Stage-4 but there are very few chances to avoid sharing the painfull destiny of Shredder in Stage-4.

The old mighty Shredder was really the whipping boy this time and performed much lower than its previous level. This is partly related to recent updates of other engines which made them play stronger than their previous elo levels, as calculated and shown.

# Engine           ELO  Pts /Ga Perf
1 Stockfish 080414 3135 21.5/28 3268
2 Houdini 4        3132 18.5/28 3176
3 Komodo 1217      3133 18.5/28 3176
4 Critter 1.6a     3031 13.0/28 3050
5 Fire 3.1         3096 13.0/28 3041
6 Gull A228        3021 13.0/28 3052
7 Rybka 4.1        3087 10.5/28 2978
8 Shredder 12      2921  4.0/28 2779

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