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June 1, 2014

Andrıid UCI engine update: Stockfish 5.0

Following the TCEC victory, Stockfish team has submitted the new version of world's strongest chess engine two days ago.

Hopefully, the Android version which was not there at the time of release, came yesterday with a working link.

Freaks like me may download and enjoy Android version at: http://stockfishchess.org/download/

I can't wait to start a test of 100 games between v5.0 and DD to see the improvement level. Result to be published here as soon as possible.

Those who want to use Stockfish 5.0 under a dedicated GUI may try Droidfish app which has been updated by Peter Österlund yesterday. It has the new engine version bundled inside.

Droidfish with Stockfish 5.0 can be downloaded from this link: Google Play Store


Unknown said...
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Johannes said...

Pls give me the best settings for droidfish on komodo8. I have a Samsung s3

Unknown said...

Hash: 128MB is usually best. 256 if you use long time controls. 512 for tournament time controls.
Book: Komodo.bin is moderate, better to take a stronger polyglot book.
LMR and other pruning options: Defaults are best for generic use.
Tablebases: Syzygy is obviously the best if you need them. But i don't use tablebases. I didn't try Syzygy with Komodo.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info.

Is it possible to explain to me how to use syzegy endgame in droidfish.
How would I know if it is installed. I struggle to install the endgametable bases on Droidfish.