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November 15, 2015

Android UCI engine update: Cheng 4.39 JA for arm7

The most recent version of Martin Sedlak's Cheng was previously compiled by Jim Ablett for arm5 and posted here in parallel.

After finally getting equipped with an arm7 device, JA started to recompile for arm7, not only the latest development versions of Stockfish but also some other popular engines. Truth to be told, we are not against arm7, given that arm5 got too old already vs arm8-64bit, the latest instruction set.

Bearing in mind that 64-bit Android, namely Lollipop, is NOT the most compatible environment for handheld chess, i still suggest arm7 as the optimum unless a limited variety of arm8 compiles like Stockfish and Komodo will suit your needs. 

Thereafter, the last arm-7 gift from JA is Cheng. I hope this version will add some more fuel into the tank.

Download Cheng 4.39 arm7: HERE


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