"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

November 17, 2015

Fritz 15 powered by Vasik Rajlich: Coming on November, 25th

Most of the computer chess freaks were not yet born when Fritz 1.0 was released. After decades, the oldest trademarks in computer chess is about to come to 15th version.

In contrast to Arasan which is not only as ancient as Fritz but always maintained by the same author, Fritz has seen different authors behind the curtain.

The last version is powered by Vasik Rajlich who dominated an era with his famous Rybka until the so-long criticized ICGA act, after which Rajlich lost motivation and stayed away from the chess world for a while!

Now he's back on track and i hope the new probably "Rybkatized" Fritz will bring fresh air to the field.

Regarding the strength, if you were to force me to speculate, i would say it ahould be slightly better than Houdini but not as high as Komodo or Stockfish.

The bad news is that no Android port is in the schedule.

You may read more about Fritz 15 on related ChessBase page

1 comment:

Alex54 said...

I got today the new Fritz 15 with Rybka engine. Impressive.
It crushed with white my last Stockfish version rather easily at 15+10 in a first game.
I will continue the tests these next days.