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April 7, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Sayuri 2016.02.11

While Jim Ablett remains curiously silent on the web since a while, porting chess engines to Android as well as Windows has become an occasional task of the programmers. Only a few of them care about Android and others simply ignore the mobiles.

Cheese was the first to come by the programmer, oh wait, the second actually. It seems i've missed the update of Sayuri for even longer than Cheese. Thanks to a notification sent to the blog by "York" i woke up and downloaded the new version of Sayuri, compiled for Android by Hironori Ishibashi, the author.

The native binary is made for arm5 and it's the biggest build ever, exceeding 5 MB in size!

As my two Exynos 4412 devices are both taken by Komodo 9.42 gauntlets, i had to test it on my Galaxy Note I (not II) on the old dual core Exynos. Well, it worked okay, running at a very modest 90 kNps.

It's unknown yet the impact of the different compiling tools over the improvements integrated into the code. So, i plan to conduct a head-to-head test against the previous JA compile before introducing the new one into Rapidroid.

Those interested in testing the new version can download the binary mercilessly zipped to 650KB: HERE

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