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April 26, 2016

Acid Ape Chess: Beta 8 brings better XB engine support

If you have read my previous POST about Acid Ape Chess, you must remember that Chess for Android by Aart Bik is not the unique GUI to support Xboard engines anymore.

Now, the Beta 8 version of Acid provides you with more options including better handling of the engine options and more compatibility with xboard engines.

The improvements and additions offered by the update are:
* Tactical puzzles have been implemented: a collection of quality puzzles are shipped with Acid Ape Chess, and additional puzzles can be imported from PGN files.
* Chess960 support has been added.
* Blindfold mode has been added.
* Engine-specific options can now be configured.
* CECP engine compatibility has been greatly improved. This allows to ship Scorpio again.

As a long time fan of CfA across many devices i've been using for engine tournaments, i may not be fair enough with another GUI because of the extreme familiarity thanks to around 70000 games played between engines. So, it looks like a hard habt to break for me.

But this is only my situation and yours may be different.

So why wouldn't you give a try on something competitive, attractive and promising after CfA, CEPA and Droidfish? Just try Acid Ape Chess via GOOGLE PLAY.

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