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April 13, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Texel 1.06a34 and 1.06a40

There are only a dozen of Android chess engines to surpass the 3000 ELO barrier on Exynos 4412 cpu and maybe a few more if you have a good octa core. Among these toppers, some are quite old and not maintained anymore, like Critter, Black Mamba, Deep Saros.

There is no serious threat against Stockfish and Komodo. Only Texel by Peter Ă–sterlund is showing a potential headache for the big brothers, at least in long term, considering that Peter is still working to improve his engine.

It's good news that long after the release of 1.05, there are two alpha updates of 1.06 cooked in the development kitchen. They both come with Android builds as well.

Here, i must thank Alex for notifying me here about Texel. In full accordance to the "force majeur" status caused by broken connection to Jim Ablett's compiles, i continue to play the fisherman in search of new builds for Android and any help about new versions are highly appreciated.

Regarding Rapidroid ranking, i won't rush for a Texel gauntlet in short term. TCEC-9 is so close to that other alphas or more probably a beta may come soon.

For the moment, let me share all that's available in addition to 1.05 which is currently playing in Rapidroid:
Texel 1.06a34 32-bit arm7: HERE
Texel 1.06a34 64-bit arm8: HERE
Texel 1.06a40 32-bit arm7: HERE
Texel 1.06a40 64-bit arm8: HERE

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Alex said...

One more fish :)
Rhetoric Version:1.4.3 - http://www.chessrhetoric.com/index.php/component/jdownloads/view.download/1/25