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April 2, 2016

Android UCI engine update: Cheese 1.8

I must have forgotten that Patrice Duhamel, the author of Cheese, is releasing Android versions of his engine since v1.7. That's why i didn't wake up quick to go check his website when i've seen the update in chess forums. I should do this on 19th of March...

The new version promises important improvements such as:
* fixed problem in game phase update
* fixed crash with 1 Mb hash table
* fixed nodes count output
* fixed problem in multipv output
* add FRC support
* use LMR in PV nodes
* add "reverse futility pruning"
* add checking moves in 1st ply of quiescence search
* skip minor promotions in quiescence search
* remove mate condition in null moves pruning
* rewrite FEN parsing
* reorganize code for eval,movegen,endgame,protocols
* optimize move sorting

Latest and not yet released Rapidroid ranking places Cheese 1.7 at 2528 ELO. To find out whether the new version can jump to 2600, we must stay tuned for May-2016 list.

Tranaslation: Once again, 19 gauntlets of 300+ total games to replay. Uhm, puff, huh...

Download Cheese 1.8 for Android (32-bit arm7): HERE

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Semeah said...

I can't seem to download any of the android engines on this site! Why?