"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

January 8, 2017

Chess Tiger 2017.01 for IOS by Christophe Theron

If you own an IOS device like iPhone or iPad, Chess Pro must be on your device. Although the app is not free and costs 10 bucks, i think it pays itself very well for any human player because the engine, the famous legendary Chess Tiger is not bad with multi thread feature (around 2700 ELO on an iPhone 5s). You must be a Top-100 GM to cope with it.

Most young chess fans may not be aware that this engine had topped the computer chess rankings many times before Fruit era, in the 90s. I remember that i've been playing with it on a Palm III, my first PDA on a monochrome screen in 1999. Oh those old days...

Beside the above average engine, the beautiful graphics and user friendly menus make this app on of my favorites on IOS.

WHAT'S NEW (Version 2017.01):
- More customized styles.
- Improved chess engine.
- New friendly features and options.

Download latest Chess Pro from iTunes


Alex said...

Chiron 4 available in Google Play Store.

Alex said...

Ethereal 8-8.01 https://github.com/AndyGrant/Ethereal/tree/master/dist

Alexei Chernakoff said...

Chiron 4 + 70! elo Chiron 3.

app mug said...


Oliver said...

No saldrá para ANDROID??

Unknown said...

Creo que no salira para Android.