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January 8, 2017

Stockfish 8.0.20161225 OEX installers by Javiolo (PIE only)

These new Stockfish builds by Javier may be considered a nice gift for the new year. Am i too late to tell this? Yes, obviously, a little bit...

Only PIE builds released so far:
Download Stockfish OEX installer for PIE devices from GOOGLE PLAY.

NOPIE versions remain on 2016.12.17:
Download Stockfish OEX installer for NOPIE devices from GOOGLE PLAY.

In case you want to install the binaries yourself, here's the package with all architectures:
Stockfish 8.0.210612125.JV PIE (only the binaries): HERE

Don't forget that if you install binaries directly, they will only appear in the GUI's from which you install them.

In case of trouble downloading from box, use you mobile device or refer to THIS POST.

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