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January 21, 2018

Android UCI engine update: armFish 2018.01.21

armFish builds used to be made by Lyudmil Antonov for arm8 64-bit devices only, using direct cpu instructions via assembly language. This method is the most native but a little bit unhuman too. One would only bear for nothing but to reach for the the fastest build.

The assembly project seems abandoned by Mohammed Li, the former implementer of the code for Windows and Linux. The project is now forked and continued by Michael Byrne, developer of derivatives like McBrain, Hawkeye.

The Android port shared below comes from Alexei1976. We can do nothing but thank him for the contribution.

GET armFish 2018.01.21 for arm8 (*)

(*) mateFish 2018.01.21 for arm8 is included in the same package. This version integrates some specific code aiming to find mating lines quicker rather than playing the strongest level of chess.

In case of trouble dowloading from PC, use your mobile or refer to THIS POST.


Alexei Chernakoff said...

This is not my compilation.

Unknown said...

Yes indeed. Alexei1976 has sent it. I started to add ACH to anything by default.

Karim said...

Arm8 not working for me, anyone have arm7?

Anonymous said...

Armfish still can't use tablebases in Droidfish, I believe the problem is Droidfish as Armfish works fine with tablebases in Cfa.

Unknown said...

Hi bro, if possible can you provide thinkfish android engine updates? it's working very well against Komodo 11