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April 28, 2015

Android UCI engine update: Maverick 1.00 JA reporting correct version

Soon after posting the new version of Maverick a few days ago, i've been discovering that it reports the wrong ID as "0.60 arm".

The games played between the new one and the previous v0.60 at bullet time control have proven a small detail is forgotten. The binary is compiled from v1.00 source indeed.

So i've tried to correct the reported version number directly on the compiled binary with an hex editor, the way we do since centuries.

It worked as expected. The only thing to take good care is to overwrite the error with the exact number of characters, no more, no less. The modified binary is now loading fine and reporting "Maverick 1.00 arm" tothe GUI. Cheers!

Maverick 1.00 aware of its version: HERE

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Unknown said...

Jim Ablett has released an update to correct the same issue. Unfortunately i can't get the file since two days due to a server error.
Anyway, i think my little trick does the same already. No worries.