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April 5, 2015

New Android UCI engine: Gunborg 1.0 JA

Gunborg 1.0 was released in July 2014 for Windows. Months after that release, it's finally ported to Android by Jim Ablett.

Gunborg is written by Torbjörn Nilsson from Sweeden. Its 64 bit Windows version is rated 1862 ELO by CCRL at 40/4 time control. I guess Android version may reach 1700, a possible challenge for a good human player.

You may download Gunborg for Android: HERE

Note that you have to install the specific Polyglot adapter to be seen by the GUI. The main engine is used by the adapter and must be installed separately. The ini file which must be also installed in the same folder serves as a link between the adapter and the main engine. Do NOT rename the ini file because its name is coded inside the adapter.

PS: A quick set of test games revealed Gunborg uses very low time in fixed time per move mode. Regarding Fischer clock, it behaved unstable in tournament mode, playing instant moves with black after an accurate play with white. Gunborg doesn't look eligible for Rapidroid yet.

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