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April 8, 2015

Android UCI/XB engine update: GNU Chess 6.2.1 JA

Two days ago, i had discovered a compile of GNU v5.60 thanks to Jim's remark and i'd instantly posted it here.

Next to it, Jim kindly released another compile he made from GNU v6.2.1.

Please note that these two branches have nothing in common and you can even call them two different engines. In brief, GNU6 is not a update of GNU5 at all, but a totally different code initiated by Fabien Letouzey, the author of Fruit, forked from Fruit 2.1.

The interesting point is that GNU5 is still active on its own, maintained by another team and performing much better than GNU6.

Regarding GNU6 under Android, i used to suffer a lot with previous 6.0.2 compile of GNU which randomly terminates games on its own. Even if it proves to be correct after the post analysis, that kind of termination is something i hate as a tester because Chess for Android assumes it's a loss, which is not correct at all in most cases. It's a disaster when an engine ends a game while winning clearly but the GUI decides that it has resigned.

My hope this time is that 6.2.1 plays until checkmate and becomes a new member of my future experiments.

Download GNU 6.2.1 Xboard: HERE

P.S.: There's the usual uci compile which followed XB version, provided by JA again. UCI is to be prefered since XB versions don't allow using more hash than default one.

Download GNU 6.2.1 UCI: HERE

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