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April 12, 2015

Android XB engine update: Micromax 4.8W JA

Following Fairymax, JA provided a compile of its brother engine Micromax, intended to become one of the smallest engines in code size. They are both written by H.G. Müller from Germany.

In Rapidroid games, i used to run an old compile of the same 4.8w version, provided by Aart Bik in Rapidroid. Interesting thing is that AB compile is only 18K while JA is 225K! I guess it's related to nothing but the different tools used to obtain the Android build.

Anyway, what we should care about is the outcome, not the size. I plan to organise a head to head match between to see what difference do they show in practice.

Download JA compile: HERE
Download AB compile: HERE

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