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January 11, 2017

Acid APE Chess Beta 13.2

No big deal this time, just an information to the users impacted by the feature in subject.

WHAT'S NEW (10-Jan-17):

Beta 13.2:
- A regression in user chat has been fixed

Download latest version from GOOGLE PLAY.


Alex said...

Update for Komodo, now it became 10.3

Unknown said...

great work.
Two glitches: on DGT-bluetooth the pieces an a8 and Kb8 are flipping after connection and the time to transpose a move from my Android-LG3 to the DGT-board is too low to play blitz by two humans so the game cannot be protocolled.

Unknown said...

Hello, when playing online with dgt-bluetooth the clock is not being relayed to my phisical dgt clock?

Unknown said...

Hi. Is ist possible to play with a Revelation II? I want the opponent move is shown by the Led?