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January 28, 2017

Android UCI engine update: Stockfish dev't 8.0.20170121 OEX installers by Javiolo (PIE only)

These are the most recent Stockfish builds available for Android at the time i'm sharing this post.

You can download Stockfish OEX installer for PIE devices from GOOGLE PLAY.

NOPIE versions still remained on 2016.12.17:
You can download Stockfish OEX installer for NOPIE devices from GOOGLE PLAY.

In case you want to install the binaries yourself, here's a package with all architectures:
Stockfish 8.0.21070121.JV PIE (only the binaries): HERE

Don't forget that these binaries will only appear in the GUI's from which you install them, if you prefer a direct installation.

In case of trouble downloading from box, use you mobile device or refer to THIS POST.


Lvini said...

Please, teach me how to install Stockfish 8 in my Android phone, I'm couldn't do that! 🤔😥😭

Unknown said...

The simplest way is to download and install Droidfish from Google Play. It's free and easy to use.