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December 13, 2015

Android UCI engine update: Komodo 9.3

At last... the latest reptile comes to Android fields. We had to wait longer than expected for this because the PC version had been released quickly after TCEC-8 victory but nothing for Android.

After all it's nice to see Komodo 9.3 available for Android. All procedures remain the same: If you have Komodo 9.2, it's nothing but a simple update which will make 9.2 disappear.

Let me remind that Komodo 8, if you have it installed, will stay in place as Komodo 9 is a different app. You can have both v8 and v9.3 working on the same device!

Komodo 9.3 is not free but not expensive either. It costs only $5. So don't expect to find an apk somewhere and install it to get it running. That won't work at all. Just buy it enjoy a 3300+ ELO engine available in your pocket: HERE.